Between the two of us, we have 13 brothers and sisters, 7 brother / sister in-laws,  and 17 nieces and nephews.  Our families play an important role in both of our lives, so we chose to include them in our ceremony to share in our union.


Parents of the bride:
       Augustine Avila
       Josefina Avila

Parents of the groom:
       Edgar Remley
       Mary Remley

Madrina/o de laso:
        Veronica Avila (Bride's sister)
        Geraldo Mata (Bride's sister's fiancÚ)

Madrina/o de arras: 
       Sue Felix (Groom's Godmother / sister)
       Michael Remley (Groom's brother)

Madrina/o de libro y rosario
        Carmen Camacho (Bride's sister)
        Juan Camacho (Bride's brother-in-law)

Madrina/o de ramo:
        Rosy Avila (Bride's sister)
       Augustin Avila Jr. (Bride's brother)

Flower Girls and Ringbearer
       Valerie Mata (Bride and Groom's God-child)
       Sophia Lopez (Bride's second cousin)
       Daniel Rodriguez (Bride's nephew)

        Gina Santana  (Groom's niece)
        Patty Torba (Groom's sister)

        Rev. John McAndrew

        Deacon Carlos Navarro

        Frine Vargas
        Francisco Amezcua



          The Bride and Groom


       The Wedding Party



     The Families




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